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The Lion Oboe is a unique double-reed ensemble. It is based in  Belfort, France.The Lion of Belfort is the famous statue by Bartholdi symbolizing the town's historic resistance.
The fourtenn musicians play all sorts of double-reed instruments  : the Oboe, the Oboe d'amore, the shawn (tenor oboe), the Cor Anglais (English Horn), the Baritone Oboe, the Bassoon and the Contrabassoon (Double Bassoon).
The Lion Oboe Band is a double reed society which gives public concerts and lectures, organize courses for beginner oboists, classes for players of instruments at all levels from low intermediate to very advanced and runs workshops, in order to promote the double-reeds and enable the public to have as large an access as possible to the fantastic World of Oboe Music.

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