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The Lion Oboe Band started its activities at the instigation of Marc Baudry in 1996. Marc runs the Band, along with Jean-Chantal Hoebecke. Marc teaches the oboe and Jean-Chantal the bassoon at the National School of Music in Belfort (Ecole Nationale de Musique de Belfort).
Our band is a unique music ensemblein France. Most of the musicians study - or have studied - ina music school of the Belfort-Montbéliard Area(aire Urbaine Belfort-Montbéliard).
The Lion Oboe Band's other name is the Oboe Gang (Bande de Hautbois). Depending on the works in the programme or the venues, we propose to play as a big band (about 15 musicians) or a small band (7 musicians).

Septuor Saint-Martin